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Your Recycled Aggregates Experts

Welcome to Colorado Aggregate Recycling’s blog page! Today we’re focusing on why we consider ourselves to be Colorado’s go-to experts in recycled aggregates. First, Colorado Aggregate Recycling is a recycled aggregates supplier, located in Golden, Colorado. In a nutshell, we provide recycled concrete & asphalt materials (that we recycle ourselves) for purchase.

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Landscaping With Recycled Concrete

Should You be Landscaping With Recycled Concrete? It’s no secret that recycled concrete is often utilized in large construction jobs, including roads and bridges, but what about projects closer to home? You may not have considered recycled aggregates in the past, but these materials can be repurposed and used in projects all around your home and garden.

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The Facts and Future of Recycled Aggregates

The Facts of Aggregates First, let’s get some of the basic facts out of the way. Aggregates are composed of rock fragments used in their natural state or after mechanical processing…like washing or crushing. Virgin aggregates are comprised of sand and gravel, and crushed stone.  Recycled aggregates consist mainly of crushed concrete and crushed asphalt pavement. According to the USGS, construction aggregates make up more than 80 percent of the total aggregates market, and are used mainly for road base,…

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Recycled Concrete Benefits

The Benefits Behind Recycled Concrete Colorado Aggregate Recycling isn’t simply just a supplier of recycled concrete & asphalt materials. We also view the company as much more than a convenient disposal site for contractors & businesses to dump their used concrete rubble. You see, instead of traditional mining, Colorado Aggregate Recycling is comprised of people who created a company focused on supplying more environmentally friendly recycled aggregate products. While construction projects bring roads, homes, commercial properties, & entire communities to undeveloped…

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Producing Recycled Aggregates And Uses

Producing Recycled Aggregates Before we get to the different applications, let’s talk about how recycled aggregates are produced. At Colorado Aggregate Recycling we utilize our own heavy crushing equipment to crush the used concrete and asphalt rubble dumped at our yard. Customers often dispose of their used concrete or asphalt rubble/waste collected from roads, parking lots, runways, bridges and sidewalks. Many crushing sites have hoppers to receive the material, jaws to break down the pieces, impact crushers to continue crushing…

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Colorado Aggregate Recycling produces a variety of grades and types of recycled concrete and asphalt materials tailored to meet your project’s needs and specifications.

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