Class 6 Road Base

You may not have known it, but Class 6 aggregate base course (3/4″ road base) is made entirely from used concrete. At Colorado Aggregate Recycling CL6 road base is a top seller, but many of our customers often ask what it is. So, keep on reading for answers in this week’s updated blog post.

Again, class 6 aggregate road base is made entirely of used concrete rubble. You see, the material we recycle has already been used in construction projects or as building materials, and it’s no longer considered a virgin aggregate material (newly mined aggregate). With that being said, Colorado Aggregate Recycling also ensures that only clean materials are recycled at our yard. Clean means only concrete or asphalt, not mixed together in the same load. The load must also be without contamination and all reinforced steel pieces larger than 3/4″ are removed. Contamination means: wire mesh, rebar, metal, steel, brick, or excessive road base. Excessive road base is considered to be > 10% of the load.

Why is our 3/4″ minus, CDOT CL6 Road Base such a big seller? This recycled material actually meets or exceeds the Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOTs) standard specifications & is frequently used as a foundation or base material for asphalt and concrete roadways and driveways. 3/4″ road base (aka class 6) also performs extremely well in wet weather and moist conditions!

Benefits From Recycling Concrete

Colorado Aggregate Recycling is a supplier that also crushes our own materials. As previously mentioned, processing begins by starting with clean material. From crushing, to sorting and screening, it’s a careful process that ensure hazardous materials are not a factor in our recycled aggregates.

There are also cost-saving benefits to consider, including:

  •  Lower costs when purchasing recycled aggregates (versus newly mined material).
  •  Lower gate fees/tipping fees charged for a given quantity of waste material.
  •  Less concrete waste/debris filling up landfills, keeping down operating costs.
  •  Lighter volume (per unit), meaning less weight & less costs for materials and hauling.

So, the next time you think it’s time for a new driveway, walkway, or base foundation for your project, check out class 6 road base at Colorado Aggregate Recycling. As recycled aggregate suppliers, who also recycle your used materials right at our own yard in Golden, we are proud to be considered recycling experts in Colorado!

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Post Updated:  May 7th, 2020