The Benefits Behind Recycled Concrete

Colorado Aggregate Recycling isn’t simply just a supplier of recycled concrete & asphalt materials. We also view the company as much more than a convenient disposal site for contractors & businesses to dump their used concrete rubble. You see, instead of traditional mining, Colorado Aggregate Recycling is comprised of people who created a company focused on supplying more environmentally friendly recycled aggregate products.

While construction projects bring roads, homes, commercial properties, & entire communities to undeveloped areas, we believe the environment should not be harmed because of the mining process it takes to utilize traditional concrete aggregate products. Instead, why not consider the benefits of recycled concrete aggregate?

First, Colorado Aggregate Recycling is a supplier that also crushes our own materials, & it’s all done at our site in Golden, Colorado. Processing begins by starting with clean material. From crushing to sorting & screening, it’s a careful process that ensures hazardous materials are not a factor. This process also reduces landfill waste, resulting in smaller landfills & allowing for less gravel mining.  Mining for new material requires the removal of soil & plant life in the area, which harms the environment. While recycling concrete from prior construction projects does not require that same invasive process on land.

Recycled aggregate materials also offer superior compaction, better yield, higher “R” values, and greater durability over virgin (quarry or pit) aggregate bases. Recycled aggregate materials are also an excellent choice in landscaping, block filling, retaining walls, and a variety of other construction applications.

Apart from the clean factor & environmental benefits, there are cost-saving benefits to consider, including:

  • Lower costs when purchasing recycled concrete materials (versus unrecycled/newly mined material).
  • Lower gate fees/tipping fees charged for a given quantity of waste material.
  • Less concrete waste/debris filling up landfills, keeping down operating costs.
  • Lighter volume (per unit), meaning less weight & less costs for materials & hauling.

You see, the benefits of recycled concrete also go beyond the environment & right to your pocket book. Learn more about the recycled concrete materials we offer at Colorado Aggregate Recycling & check out our pricing & dump fees. Thank you for considering recycled concrete aggregates!

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