Producing Recycled Aggregates

Before we get to the different applications, let's talk about how recycled aggregates are produced. At Colorado Aggregate Recycling we utilize our own heavy crushing equipment to crush the used concrete and asphalt rubble dumped at our yard. Customers often dispose of their used concrete or asphalt rubble/waste collected from roads, parking lots, runways, bridges and sidewalks. Many crushing sites have hoppers to receive the material, jaws to break down the pieces, impact crushers to continue crushing the material, and screens to sort out the material to certain specifications. Conveyor belts with magnets are also utilized to take out metal contamination (ex: rebar), ensuring that recycled aggregates meet cleanliness standards. As aggregate recycling experts, we do the entire recycling process right at our yard in Golden, Colorado, which is conveniently located at the local landfill.


Recycled Aggregate Uses - Application Recommendations:

We're typically asked what recycled aggregates are, how they're produced, & how they can be used in construction jobs or projects. Our customers are often surprised to learn that recycled aggregates can be utilized in their own driveways! While these products are primarily used for road base, there are actually many additional recycled aggregate uses. Colorado Aggregate Recycling is the go-to supplier for many Golden, Denver & Boulder area businesses, contractors, & homeowners because we recycle used aggregates & supply them to local customers for multiple uses.

Recycled concrete and asphalt materials can be used as:

  • An aggregate base in paved roads, aggregate sub-base, and shoulders.
  • A surfacing material for gravel roads
  • A base for building foundations.
  • A fill material for utility trenches.

We offer a variety of grades and types of recycled concrete and asphalt materials tailored to meet your project's needs and specs at Colorado Aggregate Recycling. Recycled aggregates offer superior compaction, better yield, higher "R" values, and greater durability over virgin (quarry or pit) aggregate bases. The use of recycled aggregates are also typically authorized by State Transportation Departments for use in roadbeds and drainage projects. CAR's recycled aggregates are also an excellent choice in landscaping, block filling, retaining walls, and a variety of other construction applications.

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