You may not know it, but when customers bring their used aggregates to our yard in Golden, Colorado for dumping, we take that material and put it through a recycling process that allows for reuse of the material in construction, landscaping, and road projects/applications. We only recycle the used concrete and asphalt rubble brought in by our customers, so our recycling process is only possible because of the people who choose to reduce landfill waste & support the environment through a less harmful process (than virgin mining). We have previously written about disposal options for your used aggregates and our own dumping guidelines at Colorado Aggregate Recycling, but it always help to combine the two in one convenient post! So, if you want to read up on our disposal guidelines, before taking a load of concrete or asphalt rubble into Colorado Aggregate Recycling's yard, keep on going. If you're looking for other options for disposing of your used aggregates, we'll get to that too!

First, please note that Colorado Aggregate Recycling does NOT purchase any concrete or asphalt material, but we do accept loads for dumping. Clean loads that follow our guidelines are free of charge, but we also accept dirty loads and mixed loads for fees that you can FIND HERE. Colorado Aggregate Recycling allows disposal of the following materials:

  1. Asphalt rubble. Clean loads must be free of concrete with < 10% road base.
  2. Concrete rubble with or without steel, wire mesh, or rebar. Clean loads must be free of asphalt and metals with < 10% roadbase.
  3. Cinder Block (CMU), Concrete Roofing Tiles, and Brick with or without nails or metal.
  4. Concrete Washout, Boring Mud with water, Top Soil and/or Fill Dirt.

Please note that all loads are subject to inspection, prior to dumping. Any load dumped without authorization and/or an inspection will be charged a non-inspection dump fee of $100.

WARNING: Dumping of hazardous or illegal waste is strictly prohibited. Any Customer caught dumping hazardous or illegal waste will be held liable for all costs associated with remediation, disposal, penalties, fines, attorney fees, and any other related expenses.

We reserve the right to refuse any load, for any reason, in our sole and absolute discretion. We consider any load containing plastic, trash, wood, sod, excessive dirt, asphalt shingles, insulated wire, drywall, insulation, fabric, medical waste, or other foreign or hazardous materials to be contaminated. Contaminated loads are not acceptable for dumping and will be rejected. Customers are responsible for the cost of remediation and disposal of any contaminants buried in their dumped loads not identified during inspection.

Clean means only concrete or asphalt, not mixed together in the same load. The load must be without contamination, wire mesh, rebar, metal, steel, brick, or excessive road base. Excessive road base is considered to be > 10% of the load.

Want to see more information about our guidelines and dump fees? Please head to Colorado Aggregate Recycling to learn more. Are you ready to dispose of your used concrete or asphalt rubble? Have more questions? Give us a call at  (720) 602-0202.

Disposal Options For Your Used Aggregates

Because we know it can be hard to figure out exactly what can be done with that torn up driveway or old landscaping wall, we want to give you as many options as possible. Not to mention, what if you run a large construction site and want to reuse your used aggregates? We have listed some options, so keep on reading. Consider the following:

  1. Recycling yards/centers - Our most obvious choice (since we recycle aggregates). It doesn't matter where you live, check and see if you have a recycling yard/center near you, then this is the best option for the environment. Not to mention, if you have clean concrete or asphalt aggregates, then you can dispose of your used materials for FREE at some sites, like Colorado Aggregate Recycling's yard in Golden, CO.
  2. Craigslist or Letgo - You likely won't be able to sell your used concrete or asphalt rubble, but you might be able to give it away for FREE. Post your used materials on sites like Craigslist or Letgo. If you're unable to deliver the material, you may have trouble finding someone with a truck to transport the material, but it could be worth a shot!
  3. 1-800-Got-Junk - If you don't care about the expense, and just want your used concrete or asphalt hauled away, try giving 1-800-Got-Junk a call. They typically haul away home furniture, appliances, clothes, and toys, but it could be worth a call to see if they provide this service in your area.
  4. Local Landfill - Have a large truckload of aggregate rubble to dispose of? If you don't have a recycling center that specializes in recycling aggregates near you, then call your local landfill. You'll need to make sure they accept construction and demolition materials (aka C&D). It will likely be more money than you want to spend, but it's an option.
  5. Portable Crushing ServicesDo you have a massive amount of used concrete or asphalt that you'd like to reuse for a new project, or at your own construction site? What about a company that comes to you and crushes your used rubble/waste? Yes, there are companies that do onsite crushing, but you typically have to have a large amount of material. This is a great option for construction sites! Companies like our partners, Portable Crushing Services, will travel all across the state of Colorado. Portable Crushing Services will mobilize and set up its equipment at your work site. By design, their equipment is fully self-contained and does not require any special infrastructure or external power sources. Their team turns waste concrete into clean, high quality recycled aggregate material, without leaving your work site. PCS produces a variety of grades and types of recycled aggregates to meet your project's needs and specifications. Visit PCS Online HERE.

There you have it! we hope that this post has been helpful to you. If you are interested in learning more about Colorado Aggregate Recycling's products and services, please visit us ONLINE HERE.

*Disclaimer:  This blog is managed by Colorado Aggregate Recycling & is intended to provide helpful tips about recycled aggregates & to promote our products & services. Many of our blog posts are based upon opinion & while we try to be accurate with all information we write about, we do not make factual promises. Thank you!