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Guidelines For Dumping Used Aggregates

You may not know it, but when customers bring their used aggregates to our yard in Golden, Colorado for dumping, we take that material and put it through a recycling process that allows for reuse of the material in construction, landscaping, and road projects/applications. We only recycle the used concrete and asphalt rubble brought in by our customers, so our recycling process is only possible because of the people who choose to reduce landfill waste & support the environment through…

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Asphalt & Concrete Disposal…But Only Clean is FREE.

Looking For Asphalt or Concrete Disposal Sites? We know that finding disposal sites in Colorado for used concrete and asphalt can be tough. Once your project or construction job is complete, where can you take all that concrete or asphalt rubble? It’s important that the materials are disposed of properly, & it’s even more important (at least to us) that it’s done in an environmentally friendly way. That’s why Colorado Aggregate Recycling recycles used aggregates right at our Golden, Colorado…

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Dumping Used Concrete & Asphalt

Colorado Aggregate Recycling prides itself as being your go-to supplier of high quality recycled aggregates, including recycled asphalt pavement, recycled concrete, CL 6 road base, & tailored materials to meet your project’s specifications! Of course, we are also a dump site for your used construction materials. We do have guidelines, so check them out and then head over to Colorado Aggregate Recycling to view our dump fees. INCOMING MATERIALSColorado Aggregate Recycling does not purchase any concrete or asphalt material. We…

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Colorado Aggregate Recycling produces a variety of grades and types of recycled concrete and asphalt materials tailored to meet your project’s needs and specifications.

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